Weedeater shut off after 2 min of running


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I have a featherlite weedeater powered by gas it shuts off after 2 mins. and would not start after that and after waithing for half hour or so it will start and do the same thing again. I cleane the air filter and checke and cleaned the spark plug. Now I don't know what to do after this
Please help me

Thank you very much in advance
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Several Possibilities

Hello Dhillon

When the engine dies, you'll have to pull the spark plug out, reattach the spark plug wire, gound the case side of the spark plug on the engines cooling fins, pull the starter rope and see if the is spark.

If there is spark, the engine is either:
Running out of fuel.
Getting too much fuel.
Overheating {do to a lack or insufficient amount of oil in the fuel mix.}
Has an ignition problem. {See Below}

I suggest you first try a simply test. Keeping the machine level, fire it up without the fuel cap on and see what happens.

If the engines responds normally, the fuel caps vent hole is restricted or plugged. If the machine continues to display the same difficulties, check for any type of fuel restriction between the inside of the tank and the carb.

Another possibility could be a fuel restriction within the carbs fuel flow system. Could be one or more of the fuel ports within the carb may be clogged or restricted. Fuel bowl may have some gum deposits, etc. Basically, your looking for a fuel flow problem.

Yet another possibility could be a muffler or spark arrester restricted with carbon.

When the engine fails to run after determining none of the above is the problem, suspect the ignition system as the cause.

Check the archives, within this forum, for more information.
Several other postings and replies to this topic with helpful information.

Good Luck,
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is it possible the coil is getting hot and malfuntioning?
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Hello boman

Certainly is possible. Same can be said for any part of the ignition system. However, I always prefer to suggest the more basic tests that the average small engine owner can check without getting too much involved.

Two minutes or a couple of minutes running time can also overheat the engine if the fins aren't cleared. Could also be there is piston ring, cyclinder bore, crankshaft rod or journal bearing score marks causing seizures.

Since I haven't gotten a reply back from Dhillon since he orginally posted the question, neither of us will findout the results of the basic tests.

Are you asking your question to me for your own machine?
Or posting the question asking about Dhillon machine?

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Both actually. By the way, is the governor on a 12.5 hp Briggs different than an 11 hp 44cc Briggs.Just replaced a 12.5 with an 11 and had to use governor from 12.5 on the 11. Had a hard time adjusting it so I can use it. Just curious if there is a difference. Not sure about the age of 11 hp. The 12.5 is about 10 years old and they look almost identical except for linkages and length of carb intake.
The 11 had motor mounted tank, the 12.5 frame I put it on has frame mounted tank. If I use both tanks, do I just get a tee for fuel line or do I need to get a shut-off valve for the motor mounted tank since it is lower than frame mounted tank (already has shut off) so I can shut it off when I use the frame mounted tank?
Sorry about the long post, but I thought while I had your attention..... Tx for response.
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Hi: boman

In regards to the weedeater string trimmer, if the basics do not reveal the cause of the problem, it could br the ignition system or internal engine damage.

Therefore, the engine may need to be taken apart further to discover the actual cause. Whether this would be worth the time is a decision only you can determine.

Regarding the interchanging of governors, slight changes between the two can cause engine running problems. Which is most likely the reason you had problems adjusting it. As long as the engine speed doesn't exceed 3600RPM or bog down under a load, it may work.

Considering the ages of the engines, whatever type of equipment it is installed on, intended useage, etc. a slightly different governor may govern engine speed and load close enough.

The two tanks can be joined with a tee. The upper tank should feed fuel first but it isn't required. Try it and see what happens. You can always modify the setup later.

From all this doityourself tinkering, you can gather some good basic engine operation knowledge....

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