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my ariens 5 hp mower stalls after about 20 minutes of mowing checked spark ok left gas cap loose still stalls push prime button on carb starts right up and runs for another 15 minutes any ideas??
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Hello and Welcome badogsam to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum.

I gathered from your posting that you have read the archives and recent postings. Because you have already checked the most common causes I suggest to others.

Since Ariens are not a commonly sold brand in this area, not knowing the age of this machine nor what type of engine is used on it, it is possible it has a points and condenser ignition system.

Should that be the case, the ignition capacitor or condensor could be heating up and grounding out. This part is located within the points housing cover which is beneath the flywheel. To access it, you would have to have a flywheel puller.

Any attempts to remove the flywheel without the correct puller could result in flywheel damage or breakage. Therefore, if the machine has a points and condenser ignition system, I suggest you have it professionally checked.

Also check for proper fuel flow to the carb. The carb may be full and the fuel line to it, but once thats emptied the engine will stall. The carb bowl will the fill up and restarting can happen shortly therefore.

You may also be causing the problem with a handle movement the grounds the engine out. Then when you restart, the engine starts but later regrounds out again. Check for any means of ignition grounding while mowing.

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Bare in mind my company no longer services nor repairs lawn and garden powered equipment. Rest assured and fully confident, the help I offer you is based upon my prior years in this industry, with this type of equipment and is specific and accurate to the best of my knowledge...

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