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My go-cart has the 5 HP B&S fun power engine and it has started back firing when under full power. Scares the &($^#^%$ out of the kids when it pops. Any suggestions on where to start to fix the problem.
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Several Possibilities

Hello Sandy2000

Your absolutely correct. We can't have the engine backfiring and scaring the &%!$#@$! out of the

Most likely cause is an engine running too lean. Try riching the fuel mixture for both low speed and high speed.

About an 1/8 of a turn counterclock wise on the left {L} fuel screw and 1/4 turn out on the right screw {H}

A restricted fuel supply will also need to be checked for. This can range from flow from the tank, low fuel level in the carb bowl or a restricted carb.

Check the spark plug also. Be sure it's the correct one for the engine. A plug that runs too hot can cause minor lean burning.

Also check the muffler for good exhaust flow. A damaged or overly rusted muffler may have internal damage causing a restriction. This can cause several problems, one of which is excessive engine heat.

Other possibilities could be engine timing if the flywheel was removed prior, incorrect valve settings, an overly rich high speed fuel mixture {which would produce black smoke} or an engine running too hot do to a lack of air cooling.

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