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Asked this question once before, but now have a little more info. Replaced 12 hp IC Briggs 90/91 model (mfg date 1331) This number is on frame, sorry no engine number right now, with 11 hp 400 cc Briggs. Do have engine number for the 11 hp, but no mfg date. Model number on 11 hp is 252707.
I take this number to mean: 25 cubic inch displacement
2 design series 2
7 vertical flo-jet carb
0 plain bearings
7 12 volt electric
starter and alternator
Problem: Trying to use governor from newer 12 ic in older 11 hp as the governor shaft was broken on 11 hp. Not much luck yet. Only used the governor from 12. Had to use original lever and linkages for 11 hp. Would like to know if this has been done or is there a difference in the governor itself that will not allow it.

P.S. Another difference was the shaft, drive and blade pully. The pullies from 11 hp mower are a little higher (1-2 ") than the ones from the 12 hp. Having no trouble yet with the belts staying on. Will this damage the deck pullies? Tx for any response
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Hello boman

I do remember seeing a prior posting on this topic. Since you posted this as a new topic instead of using the reply button {to continue the orginal posting} and I have not gone back to reread the orginal posting, I'll answer these two questions as best as I can.

As your finding out by still having difficulties with the governor, the linkages may not be identical.

Since I have not had any personal experiences swapping governors on these engines, I cannot say for sure if it's possible to duplicate the results with the swapping. That area is best left to the engine hot rodders.

In a professional shop, we are not allowed by franchise rules to modify engines by parts swapping. We must use OEM parts designed for the intended engines only and install them to factory specifications on all customers equipment.

In regards to your second question, belts not running straight and true will experience excessive wear and generate excessive heat. Some engine drag may also be noticed and pulley slippage may become a problem.

Your other question has already been answered correctly by cheese.

Regards and Good Luck,
Accurate Power Equipment Company.
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