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I seem to be having the same problem with both my lawn mower and tiller. When I start to dig in with the tiller or hit grass more than 6 inches tall they bog down and die. I was told I need to adjust the chokes but I have no idea where to begin on this. Can anyone help me?
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Hello and Welcome Flessa to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum. I welcome your questions and hope to offer positive and helpful suggestions.

If you where told the chokes on these machines need to be adjusted to correct the problem you discribed, that's incorrect. Chokes are used to richen the fuel mixture to aid in starting a cold engine only. Once the engine warms up, the choke should be fully opened.

Several reasons {not all inclusive} why engines die under heavy loads.
#1...Carb problem.
Fuel mixture is too lean or a fuel restriction in or to the carb.
#2...Governor linkage.
Adjustment needed or linkaged is damaged
Engine too small for the task...{Lack of Horsepower}
#4...Lack of compression.
Worn out engine

Mower suggestion:
If the mower starts easily and runs well cutting shorter grass, cut half a mowers width per pass or cut the grass more often.

Tiller suggestion:
If the tiller starts easily and runs well under lite loads...Don't "Dig In" on the first pass. Cultivate first by reversing the tines. {Blades}

If your machines are having starting or running difficulties under no load conditions, those are engine running problems which are not exactly the same as heavy working loads.

Accurate Power Equipment Company.
Small Engine Service and Repair Technician.
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"If it ain't broke, don't fix it until it is broken!"
Bare in mind my company no longer services nor repairs lawn and garden powered equipment. The information provided is specific and accurate to the best of my knowledge...
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Make sure there's no water in the carburetor also.

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