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Okay you small engine guys, looking for opinions on Tecumseh versus Briggs & Stratton. Looking at replacing my rider and the two makes/models I'm looking at have a 10 hp Tecumseh and an 11 hp B & S. Current mower is 11 years old and has 10 hp Tecumseh and have gotten good service out of it.

Pros/cons? Good/bad? Reliability? Life expectancy?

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Hello tow guy

Best suggestion is to replace the engine with another of exactly the same make and model. Doing so will avoid the problems often encountered with mounting another brand.

Unless of course you want the challenges, headaches and aggravations. There is bound to be several slight differences between the engines. It's these slight differences that can cause all the problems...

Since you already have had good service life from the Tecumseh engine, replace it with like kind.

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Tom's right with the mounting issues. The unit was designed around (or with) that engine in mind. Make sure you replace it with the right type of engine (not just the same horsepower).

As for which is better, I have owned/used power equipment with both engines. I like Tecumseh engines better. Run stronger, faster starting and smoother running. Also I find them to be quieter and more refined. Briggs and Stratton suppports their product with an excellent website.

However, B&S has made more engines and depending on the manufacturer tends to be the engine of choice.

I take things to the extremes. Companies like Ariens are tops in the realm of say snow blowers. They specify Tecumseh engines mostly. Many Sears products use Tecumseh. My 1979 Craftsman was a Tecumseh, so is my 1992 version. The 1988 version I recycled from a neighbor ran with nary a tune up and some TLC. Starts on the first try every week!
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Thanks, Joe, and my apologies for not being clear with my query. I'm not doing an engine change, just buying a new mower and the two makes I'm looking at have Tecumseh and B & S, respectively. My old mower has a Tecumseh and has done well and in fact still runs ok, but needs work. I will be getting it running better so as to sell it, but can't afford to take it down for maintenance when the grass grows 6" a week around here this time of year (reports of drought having been in some cases greatly exaggerated). My initial inclination was to buy same model as old one (Sears/Craftsman 30" w/10hp Tecumseh) since it has done me well and also I'm well acquainted with its makeup. Alternative is a competing brand with an 11 hp B&S at nearly same price (and competing brand has several features the Sears either doesn't have or is a better idea/design - also I believe the two brands are by same manufacturer).
Was of the opinion that either engine was likely to give adequate service and thought I would see what you guys would opine. Of course in my line of business I have access to plenty of used engines I could experiment with, but don't think the wife would appreciate me driving a V-6 powered mower on our 1/4 acre.
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Yea, my guess would be that MTD is likely making the Sears mowers.

I'm usually able to figure out who makes Sears products when I have to get into them (or do research on who has the parts for them), but on the Power Equipment, I'd have to say Poulan or MTD.

Tom? Any ideas on who might make Sears stuff for them in the realm of lawn and garden?

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