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The muffler on my B&S 3.5 HP literally fell off. I wear earmuffs while cutting and never noticed the change in noise level. The muffler is the older round type and the old one has what appears to be a heat deflector shield attached with sheet metal screws. The muffler is within 3" of the plastic guard for the drive mechanism. Logic (not always valid) tells me that after I install the muffler I should attach the heat deflector and aim it up away from the mower deck.
Does anyone out there agree?
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Hello sandy2000

Everyone reading your posting and anyone repling to you should agree. Yes! Reinstall the heat shield exactly as it was installed.

Without any doubt, the heat shield is there to reflect heat away from the plastic drive cover, etc. Failure to reinstall it could lead to the plastic cover melting and damage any other nearby part.

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