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I have a 31cc Ryobi leaf blower which wouldn't run unless on full choke. I adjusted the two mixture screws until the thing ran good. About a month later, I couldn't start it. I checked for spark (good) and then while the plug was out I noticed gas (a lot)in the combustion chamber. I dumped it out and tried again. Still didn't start. More gas in the chamber. I then bought a carb kit and cleaned out the passages with carb cleaner as well as putting in a new needle valve and diaphrams. I lightly seated both adjustement screws and then backed each out 1 1/2 turns. I still can't get the thing started. Any ideas?
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Hi: nozke

A Starting Point:

If the carb is still flooding the engine, try turning the low {L} speed screw out only 3/4 of a turn. 1 and 1/2 turns out is too much for low speed.

If you have to start from zero, turn the low speed screw out 1/2 turn and the high {H} speed screw out 1 turn as a starting referrence point. Adjust from this setting as needed should the engine start.

If the cyclinder isn't flooding, be sure there isn't any fuel restriction between the fuel tank and the carb. Allow the fuel to flow out into a container for several minutes also. Doing so will verify that the vent hole in the fuel cap is clear.

Install a new spark plug too. Sometimes spark plugs exposed to fuel flooding do not dry out enough to start an engine. This condition oftens causes service techs and Do-It-Yourself persons huge fustrations...

There could be other problems with the carb if not rebuilt correctly. Double check the work, the correct location of the gasket and the diaphram. There is only one of each. The gasket goes on the bottom cover plate.

If you do have to reopen the carb. also check each port {Hole} with a fine piece of wire to verify it is in fact opened or verify the carb spray is existing the opposite end from where it is being sprayed into.

Use CAUTION with any canned carb or parts spray cleaner. Wear eye protection and use in a well ventilated area.

Regards and Good Luck
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