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Ok as far as tools go. So far all I only own Craftsman. (Official tool of NASCAR can't be bad.) Anyways, I am looking at a few sets of micrometers on Ebay thanks to Joe_F's advice. They are not Craftsman nor are they Starlett. However they are cheap, and they cover the range from 0-3 inches and read down to the .0001 of an inch. This set comes with Standards and lock key, oh and carbide tips. Currently all i need is a 0-1'' mic for this small tecumseh in my backyard (according to my haynes manual). My rebuild a small block chevy manual says mic's up to 3 inches is all that's required in most engine rebuilds. Is this true?

Aside from knowing that you should only buy micrometers when the come with their Standards (1'', 2''...etc) and their lock keys, is there anything else i should know before i purchase a used set?

Also, where can i get them calibrated if needed, any local machine shop? I figured that since they come with their standards...maybe i can calibrate them myself.

Your knowledge is appreciated.

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Most times if you contact the company that made it, they can provide service outlets to calibrate them. Or, you can look on the web the same way you did for finding them .

Might want to poke around on some machinists newsgroups for preferences, ideas, pros/cons on any brand or type that's out there.


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