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I have an old gas weedeater that's been sitting unused for a year or two. I have changed the spark plug and put in a fresh gas mixture but can't get it to run. What else should I try?

Thanks for your help!
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Hi: Joan B

Any gasoline engine left unused over that length of time has sludge, gum and vanish plugging up the carbs fuel ports, etc.

Gasoline and gasoline mixed with two cycle oil will turn stale if left unused over a long period of time.

To correct the problem, the entire fuel system will have to be cleared out from the fuel tank to the carb. Be sure fuel flows out of the fuel hose for several minutes at a steady flow rate before considering the task completed.

Next task is to remove, disassemble and cleanout the carb. The fuel ports {Holes} inside the carb body are very tiny. Spraying the entire internal parts and body with automative carb cleaner helps to clear the ports. As does the useage of a thin wire inserted into the ports.

Use extreme caution spraying carb cleaners. The chemical is very flammable. Wear eye protection also.

Reassemble the carb with new parts from a carb rebuilding kit and reinstall it onto the engine exactly as found. If you should need any additional help, use the reply button on this same topic.

Check the archives withi this forum for other postings on this subject. Check the manufacturers web site for pictures and other helpful information. Lawn mower shops will have carb rebuilding kits for the carb. etc.

Regards &
Good Luck

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