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I have a lawnboy 2 cycle mower. The throttle, fast/slow, cable has a crack in it but it still moves the throttle. Problem is, even if I make sure that the throttle moves all the way in one direction or the other the speed of the engine never changes, it's always slow. Any idea what my problem may be?
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Hello and Welcome Newby to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum.

If the cable is loose on the frame along the path to the throttle lever, it will flex {bulge or bow} out of the covering and not transfer the applied force to the throttle lever.

You mentioned the throttle cable having a crack or split in the covering. This could be the place the cable is flexing at. Look along the cables path for such as you move the throttle lever.

Be sure the cable is firmly attached to the frame and handle tubes also. Any flexing along this path will need to be secured with cable clips.

Your problem discription could be linkage related. Check the governor link. It too must be correctly attached and free moving.

Also check for free movement of the throttle plate. If it binds, is jammed, etc. it will create the same problem of the cable bowing, flexing etc.

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I had a similar problem with my Lawnboy...only thing was there was also gas leaking thru the air filter area. It seems that there was some adjustment near the carburator. Anyhow, while working on the mower, the cracked throttle cable broke and now the engine doesn't change at all. I ordered a new cable (sears parts online) and hopefully this will fix all problems.
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tracey529. Thanks for the update. Unfortunately I took my 2 year old lawnboy in for service after I just couldn't get the darned thing to run any faster. As it turned out it wound up that my piston was loose and scored the cylinder. The only fix they could give me was a new engine. Ain't no way!
I had trouble with the thing vibrating screws and bolts out from the day I bought it. I kept replacing them when they fell out and tightening them on a regular basis. I forwarded this information to Lawnboy and they basically told me that I should have taken it in for service sooner. In other words. Tough. So, I threw it out. Vowed to never purchase another Lawnboy product, which is owned by Toro so it's a 2 banger, no Toro and no Lawnboy. Bought me a Snapper and love it! Well, my wife loves it since she does most of the mowing.

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