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Ok so I finally got to tune-up this 3.5hp Craftsman (Tecumseh) Mower. (Yes Joe...the one you related to in a response to one of my previous posts). The carburetor was cleaned out, and a bunch of other tuneup stuff was done to it as well. I put it all together today, and I have alot of white smoke coming from the exhaust. Burning Oil. Oh well, I guess that's why it was along the side the road. But at least I did get it running. (chock one up for the snowman!) I don't want to pull the piston, so maybe I'll yard sale it.

Prospective Buyer: "Hey boy, what's all that there white smoke coming outta that thing?"

Frosty: "What? Oh that smoke, Sir. I wouldn't pay that any mind."

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Frosty, The engine probably has a ring/cylinder problem but do check the crankcase ventilation valve to make sure its not blocked. This can cause huge amounts of white/gray smoke yet the engine runs fairly well aside from fouling the occasional plug. Perhaps you could bill it as a super duper bug machine at the garage sale...LOL...Best of Luck...Mike
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I agree. Also, what oil are you running in this thing? Try SAE30. It's thicker. If you are using 10W30, it might be too thin.

Worth a try .

If the model # begins with 917 on the model # plate, I have learned that these are manufactured by American Yard Products for Sears.

I have two like this. The 1988 version that I recycled from a neighbor (along with his 1981 Toro Powershovel which I fixed and a 1992 Craftsman I bought new.

Must be that I also own Pontiacs. Seem to like those engines powered by Indians (Pontiac and Tecumseh were both Indians).

Poncho lawn mowers? Lol.

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