Kohler Engine Electrical Problem


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I have a 12.5 Kohler Command Pro attached to a Toro Proline walk-behind. I have changed the spark plug and bypassed the ignition switch during the process of testing for lack of spark. I suspect the ignition magneto assembly may be the culprit. Is it necessary to tear down the engine as recommended in the engine disassemble/rebuild instructions to get at this part? According to the service manuals I have, the magneto assembly comes off shortly after the carburator (about 15 steps down the line). Comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

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The coil is outside the flywheel. Disconnect the small
wire going to the coil and test the spark with a new plug.
If you still have no spark, then the coil is bad.
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Hello Wil

I cannot say to absolutely and totally ingnore the instructions in the service manual. What I can tell you is the magneto assembly is usually under the flywheel. Why you would need to remove so many other parts to access the flywheel or magneto escapes me.

What you do need to know is the flywheel needs a special flywheel puller to remove it. The flywheel is made of soft metal and has the magnets built into it. It is held in place by a keyway.

A keyway is a tappered solid soft metal wedge that breaks away to prevent damage to the flywheel etc. in the event the blade strikes a solid stationary object.

Failure to use a flywheel puller can crack or break the flywheel, rendering it dangerous if cracked or useless if broken. Use caution removing it.

It's always possible the spark module is defective. However, there could be other possibilites why there isn't any spark at the spark plug while cracking the engine.

Battery current may not be available to or out of the ignition switch. At the starter solenoid or being grounded in the wiring harness enroute anywhere.

Check for continuity or battery electical power at all locations and at every terminal block prior to determining the problem is within the magneto unit. Also check the spark plug wires.

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Thanks Fish and Tom_Bartco for your replies. I appreciate your time and advise.


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