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Murray, 36" I hope this is a general enough guestion as to not need a model #. I f not, I will post it later. I noticed mower not cutting level when set really low. Have the adjustment on left side (sitting on mower) in highest hole, but it still seems to be over an inch lower than right side. On right side, it looks like the lever as a whole can be adjusted with three screws and maybe allow that side to match the left. If I lower the right side by lowering the lever, will the height adjustment still lock in place? Now that I think about it, do the adjusting lever and the lock lower as a unit when removing the three screws and adjusting the height on that side?
Other than these three screws, I see no way to really level the deck unless the belt tensioning rods on the left side help raise that side some. Hey! That may be it. Heheh, maybe I need to go take a good look at how this thing is put together.
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Actually this mower is a 38" cut. Anyway, I went and looked at it again and it does seem as if adjusting left rod farther toward the front of mower will allow the deck to swing up. Have another mower identical to this one and noticed two holes on left side for the rod that moves deck forward and back. On the latter mower, the rod is in the back hole. This has the deck closer to front of mower and it seems a little more level. On the problem mower, the rod is in the front hole which means deck is farther from front of mower on that side. If I am thinking right, this is letting the deck swing down a little on that side. May wait for some feed-back before trying this remedy since the deck has to be removed to make the adjustment.
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Check for loose or missing screws on the bracket
that holds the front axle and the hinge pin for the
front of the deck, they fall out all the time
causing steerind and deck problems. Go back with bolts
and locknuts if this is your problem.
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Hi boman,

Make sure you have equal tire pressures and dont have a bent blade. Sometimes a blade can be slightly bent and you will hardly notice it upon a quick visual inspection. If your problem is not there, the bearings for the problem blade may be bad, causing the blade to wobble, cutting low. If not, use the adjusting rods you mentioned to level the deck. Usually the low side should be pulled toward the front a little, but not always. The height lever raises and lowers the entire deck, not just the one side, adjusting it will not level the deck. Hope that helps, if not let us know. Good Luck


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