Lawnboy Engine. Repair/Replace/Junk

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I am looking for a little advice. I have a Lawn Boy mulching mower from 1997 (4.75 hp, 2 cycle) and the engine is pretty much shot on it. I am wondering if it is worth trying to rebuild the engine, replace the engine or just junk the mower and start over? How much does it cost to rebuild (Ballpark??) I really like the mower other than the horrible noise and shaking it is currently making (getting worse all year... probably my fault... air cleaner element fell off, didn't notice it and I'm sure grass and dirt got sucked into the cylinder) How tough is it to do a rebuild anyways? I have a decent machinery background, just have never done small engine work. Is this engine made by lawnboy or did they use someone elses engines on this model? The mower is model 10304, serial number 7905782 if this helps. Thanks for any advice you may have

Eric Williams
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Shaking makes me think you have a bent blade or crank
then a shortblock would be a good route. But since you
have run it this way for a while, the fuel tank, deck,
etc., has probably started cracking and so buying
a new one would be the best dollar value, but that is
something you need to examine closely, since none of
those options are cheap.
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williamsea, I agree with Fisher on the cause of the shaking although trash introduced into the engine could cause a world of trouble including vibrations that will make it come apart in time. Do check the blade and crankshaft. If its the crank or if the engine is otherwise shot rebuilding is not an option unless your pockets are deep, your desire very strong and luck is with you. The short block for this engine is had for less than the machine work and the parts. This doesn't factor in labor. Don't attempt to rebuild this engine! This brings us to "Should I short block it?" My answer is I doubt it unless it is the self propelled model.....Mike

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