Craftsman mower with eager start making loud pinging noise


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I have a Eager start motor on a craftsman mulcher. I replaced the blade but upon first start stripped the blade adapter [guess i did not tighten it good enough] and came to a sudden halt. ever since it makes a loud pinging noise and does not run clean. I have since done a tuneup but fear that timing or maybe even a rod has been thrown. I would apreciate any help I can get.

Thank You,

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Lightbulb some more thoughts....

just recalled that I mowed the yard a couple of times after the blade halt with no problems, it may not even be related to the stopping of the blade. Just seems coincidental, until now the motor has always started the first pull. Maybe bad gas? gummed carb? it makes a loud ping that sounds like something very nasty is happening.
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If it could be described as a loud chirping noise it
may be a head gasket or loose head bolts. Take a 1/2
inch wrench and check all the bolts around the plug
and see if a few may not be loose.
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Sudden Halt

Hi Richards,

You said that the motor came to a complete halt and now the timing is off. Have you checked the soft metal keys located on the flywheel and the blade area. If they are broken this is no doubt contributing to your timing problem. You might already know this (so ignore if you do) but, the keys are made to break away in the event of an abrupt halt of the engine. This allows a $.50 metal key to break (give away) rather that seriously damaging your engine.
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Ken S.
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Craftsman Pinging noise


I had a similar experience. It ended up being a damaged flywheel key. If the blade suddenly strikes an immovable object, the key will shear to save the crankshaft. A 50 cent part and a 65 dollar repair at your Sears repair center.
Good Luck
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Lightbulb Thank you for the responses

All of you have been very helpful, I will check this "key" that you mention and look for damage.

Thanks agian,


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