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My neioghbor has a Ford 100 Lawn Tractor and every time he enghages the mower deck it sputters breifly and dies out?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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What engine does it have? A few things could cause that problem. It might be running too lean...try backing the air/fuel adjustment screw out 1/2 turn. Could be water in the carburetor bowl too. Check these things and if problem still exists, let us know more about the machine. Good Luck!
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Hello SteelPanther

Cheese offered you some correct helpful ideas.
Also consider checking under the deck and the powertrain for parts that might be binding up, bent, rusted or frozen up do to a lack of maintenance or lubrication.

Examples: Spindles, pulleys, belts, shafts, and damaged blades, etc.

Binding governor linkage may also cause the problem. A too lean fuel mixture do to improper carburetion or restricted carb jets and fuel passages. A fuel restriction and or a dirty or restricted air or fuel filter.

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