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Ken S.
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On a gas string trimmer with electric start, SHOULD the clutch engage to turn the drive shaft at low RPM when only the starter is cranking, or should it only engage to turn the driveshaft at higher RPM after the engine is running and throttle is cracked?
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Hi Ken,

Idealy, it should only drive the shaft at higher RPM's.

Inside the clutch are 2 weights that are held away from the outside of the shaft by a set of springs. The springs, when new, are strong enough to hold the weights away from the shaft at low RPM. (At high RPM the springs can't hold the weights and they make contact with the shaft and turn it. ) Over time the springs stretch/wear out and are no longer able to hold the weights away from the shaft, causing the shaft to turn even at low RPM. This shouldn't be a concern Ken. My trimmer is very, very old and it does it. The only bad thing i can see is that it puts a little extra stress on the trimmer at startup. You might have to crank it a few more times but i don't see any harm in it.

Hope this helps.

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