McCullough Chainsaw


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John Virtue
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I bought an old McCullough MM25 chain saw on eBay. It was working fine until recently. 'Sometimes' she'll start, but when I squeeze the trigger it dies. When I do get it to run it eventually just slowly stops after a few minutes. Pulling my arm off to try and get it going to no avail. Plug is fine and burning clean. Someone suggested a dirty carb float. Would a dismantle and thorough cleaning help?

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Hi John,

It sounds like you are having a fuel obstruction problem. I agree with your friend's advice to clean out the carburetor. If you have your manual then follow that during the carb cleaning. Also buy some carb cleaner to spray all around in it. I would also check to make sure that your gas cap is still venting properly.

Good luck with it.
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darrell McCoy
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Might check fuel filter. Maybe check muffler obstruction, especially if it has a spark arrester screen. I had a similar problem one time and ended up replacing partially deteriated gas lines.
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I think Tom would recommend...(yoo hoo, Tom )

Running the unit with the gas cap off. If it runs properly, the cap vent is restricted.

Give that a whirl....
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Hi Joe

I'm here. The replies in this posting and many others recently have been excellent. Therefore, I have been reading them and usually have no other helpful suggestions to add...

A great benefit to the forum and those posting questions.
Keep up the great work... I thank you.

I'll be gone Friday until sometime Sunday this week.
I can no longer resist the smell of salt air, high seas and caught fresh fish....hahaha....

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Get rid of that McCullough. Hardest to start brand that i ever had.
But if you do keep it, replace the chain with a Stihl one. I never saw a chain go dull si fast as the original equipment one.
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Boy, Calvin, I never was very fond of Mac's either but I've seen a lot of wood cut with them. I think John would appreciate good advice instead of condemnation!!!
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This thread is 5 years old, and the saw has probably been recycled into pepsi cans by now.

I don't knock ol mac saws. They aren't my favorite by any means, but they did the job a lot better than some.
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Cheese, I apologise for not looking at the thread date. Does this mean we have folks here who look back that far in the threads? I wish I had that much free time!!!
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No apology needed . Some people type in a certain keyword in a search engine somewhere, and it pulls out some lost archived thread from this forum as a match.

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