oil coming out of exhaust pipe


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b&s 14.5 i/c engine. Oil is coming out of the exhaust pipe and blowing white smoke. Does this mean the engine is shot.
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Check your oil level (when cold).

Overfilling the crankcase will do this...
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If it smoking like no tommorrow, and your oil level is OK,
then a good bet is your head gasket is blown.
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#1- Check oil level. If its too high, correct it. If oil level mysteriously gets higher and higher, smell it for a gas smell. If it has a gas smell, and seems to be too thin, then your carburetor is leaking gas into the crankcase. This is the most common cause of badly smoking small engines.
#2- Remove and inspect pcv valve, The rectanguler box mounted near the carburetor with a rubber hose going to the air cleaner housing. It should be clean and the fiber plate inside it should move freely.
#3- That engine is overhead valve. If the head gasket blows in just the right spot, it will cause oil consumption. This is not very likely though.
#4- Possible internal engine problems such as bad valve guides, broken piston ring, worn rings, and such. Usually these problems will cause the engine to gradually begin to smoke, and worsen over time. Not likely if your engine suddenly started smoking one day.

Post back and let us know. I'll bet theres gas in your oil. Good Luck -cheese-

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