Craftsman 5.5HP lawn mower

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My reliable 5-6 year old Carftsman 5.5HP lawn mower (Eager-1) quited to start several days ago.
The gasoline came out of the thumb primer and the air filter (they are attached to the carburetor) when I pulled the string to start. Of course it didn't start and the gasoline kept dripping until the gas tank is empty. I suspect the carburetor is bad but don't know which particular part(s) are bad. Any idea?

I just checked Sears' website and they ask for around $38 for the whole carburetor. Is it reasonable? And should I replace the whole carburetor (the make is Tecmu...). They also sell individual parts inside the carburetor, for example, inlet needle, float bowl, shaft, ....

Thanks in advance.

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Hello TamtinYus

If you think the mower is worth the costs of the carb, purchase it and install it. Much easier time wise to replace it then attempt to locate the internal defective part and only that part.

What you could try if your handy, is opening up the existing carb and cleaning it out. Most likely it's gummed up enough to keep the needle valve slightly unseated, which causes the fuel flooding.

Just be sure to note exactly where and how each part you remove is located. Pay special attention to the locations and positions of the two linkage rods on the carb and which rod is connected to the governor lever etc.

Regards and Good Luck,
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Hi Tamtinyus,

It could be a few things inside the carburetor. First, your float could have a hole in it and is no longer 'floating'. Or the little piece of wire attached to the inlet needle may have broken, and the needle isn't plugging the hole. It's definitely inside the carb, though. I believe it to be one of those 2 things because nothing is stopping the fuel flow.

I see no need for an entirely new carburetor, only new pieces.

If you're daring, and you have the original manual you can try to break it down and see what part looks bad and/or out of place. Or if you don't have the original manual buy the Hanes manual for small engines. I know it contains a great breakdown of your carb. The nut (1/2 inch i think) on the bottom of the carb will give you access to the parts the parts that are faulty. It's not a hard job at all.

Good luck! You should have no problem.
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Oh Tom,

You beat me. I saw the post and saw no answers, then i started a reply. Then after i submitted my reply i saw your reply. I really must cut my reponse-time down, hehe. No more running to dinner in mid-reply.
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The rubber seat in the fuel inlet that the needle contacts is most likely bad. Techumsehs are bad about that. you should inspect the float too, it should not have gas inside it, if so, replace it. The parts should cost about $7 to $8 and are almost as easily replaced as replacing the whole carb would be. Like Tom said, the price of a new carb is so reasonable that you might find it easier to just replace it. Good Luck!
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I just received the new Techumsehs carburetor and installed it. It ran very well except the pull string was shortly broken (seems to me that things start to break). Indeed it ran better and stronger. I found out the broken carburetor has a kind of gas water mixture inside. I think Cheese was right: The rubber seat in the fuel inlet that the needle contacts is most likely bad. But I am not 100% sure.

This forum is great and thank you for all your inputs.

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Thumbs up Forum Replies Are Welcomed and Appreciated

Hello Frosty

The forum intent is to provide help to anyone who posts a question or needs help solving a problem with any small engine and or small engine powered machinery. Not to worry who posts first.

Your welcome to offer any help you can within the forum. Your helpful advice is always a benefit to questions posted.

Same welcome applies to Cheese, Joe and all others having practical knowledge and experience solving small engine problems and helpful advice with the machinery those engines are used to power and run.

Each reply posting offers helpful advice and suggestions that another reply may have overlooked and or missed.

The additional help each of you adds is greatly welcomed and much appreciated. Jump in anytime....

Tom B.
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Most Sears mowers with the good old Chief (Tecumseh) engines are made by American Yard Products (your model # will start with 917.).

Might want to call them in the future for parts. Sears just puts all the stuff in one place and makes it convenient to order it and offers fast delivery. Sometimes they send it with the manufacturer's wrapper so you can see where they are sourcing it from .

I found out Waterloo Industries made my Craftsman Tool cabinets, but when I went to contact Waterloo they told me their contract with Sears is that customers must buy parts through Sears. Might be the case with AYP and Sears. All depends on their contract.

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Question Craftsman 4.0 mower/carb.linkages

Dear Tom,trying to figure what position the two carburator linkage rods go on a craftsman 4.0/20in.edger mower.I believe the engine is a Tecumseh.The carburator float bowl is round and hard to remove and even harder to install do to little clearence with the top of the deck.I recieved the mower with the carb and intake removed.Please help.Thankyou.

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