B&S Electric Carb?


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I have a '95 Murray riding mower with a 14.5 I/C Briggs & Stratton OVC engine. There is an electrical connection to what looks like a capacitor below the carburetor. Of course the electrical connection is broken. I can't find the part listed in my parts manuals. Any idea what this part is and if I can by-pass it? My engine will not run unless it is connected. Thanks for your help. trouble.
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It's probably some sort of enricher solenoid or perhaps an emission control device.

Contact Briggs and Stratton at their website. They should be able to help you and find you a dealer locally that stocks the part or could order it. I have found their internet site to be very comprehensive and they are very helfpul.

http://www.briggsandstratton.com is the URL.

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It is a fuel shut-off solenoid that was added to help
eliminate exhaust backfire after shutdown and maybe another
reason or two. I have seen where clipping/cutting the
needle tip will bypass its function, but have not ever
tried it or will recommend doing so.
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Needle Tip?

Thanks for the suggestion. Where/What is the needle tip? If it is for inhibiting backfiring, it doesn't work. This mower always backfires when you turn it off. trouble
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Was told this is a fuel shutoff that closes off main jet when ign. is shut down. Supposedly eleminates engine run-on or backfire. Perhaps prevents flooding when engine is shut off.
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I think the shutoff backfire is more of an issue with
the baffles on the newer mufflers, since these engines
have shut off the same way for decades with no loud
noises. If you take off the solenoid , there is a small
needles tip on the top that threads into the bottom of the
carb, and retracts when the key is turned on. A new one
costs $30 TO $40.

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