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I have a Toro 724 7hp snowblower. My problem is that for it to run smooth I have to have it choked all the time. My question is can I make a carburetor adjustment when it has to be choked to run...the book says to have it running. I am also going to try to do the adjustment when the temp is going to be about 60 degrees...does that make a difference?

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Arrow Carburetor Fuel Restriction

Hello and Welcome Paul12 to the Do-It-Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum.

The problem is most likely a gummed up carb. The solution is already posted in my reply to jharu regarding the chainsaw. Same problem and same solution.

Also check for a restricted fuel supply. This can range from fuel flow from the tank, through any inline filter, low fuel level in carbs with fuel bowls or a restricted carb of either bowl or diaphram type. Try using fresh fuel to flush out any stale fuel while checking fuel flow from the tank.

It's possible the fuel tanks gas cap has a restricted vent.

To check this, remove the fuel line from the carb. Watch the fuel flow rate while doing this. If it diminishes over time as it is coming out, the vent hole may be restricted. If it stops totally, the vent hole is pluged. If all the fuel empties out, all is okay here.

If there is a restriction or blockage in the vent hole in the gas cap, the tank will drain until it pulls a vacumn in the tank. Then the fuel will slow down until it stops flowing.

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Hi Paul12;
I have a Toro 521 snowblower and have just read your post.
I had the same problem with my Toro. The cause is probably the carburator being gummed up. I do a lot of preventive maintainence on mine and when I dropped the bowl on the bottom of the carb I was astonished at the buildup of varnish. Evidentlyat one time not all of the gas had drained for year end layup. This was causing the float in the bowl to be restricted in its movement. Thorough cleaning of all parts and injection of carb cleaning into the ports helped recitfy the situation.
Be careful when you dropp the bowl and float. The float drives a pin on a sping hinge into the carb body. This will have a tendency to disappear and hide when freed unexpectantly. Note the position of this pin so that when reassembling in can be put back in the same way. Very easy if you are aware of it and easier to find now rather than in a snowdrift. ( Been there!!!)Remove pin and sray carb cleaner into port, repeat several times.
Also at the top of the carb there may be a small hose on a port. Ensure that this hose is connected and not cracked. I found mine to have a small deterioation in it neard the end that allowed air leakage.
After fixing these I had no problem adjusting the engine. However I did realize that Toro engines usually dont need to much adjustment once properly set.
Hope this helps.
BTW, check that the front skids ( if so equipped) are in good order and that the back scrapper is ok. I had to have the front assembly ( auger and impeller) repaired last year ( the unit is over 10 yrs old!) and right after that one of the skids broke off, at a unseen crack) and almost damaged it again.
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Thanks for the information. I bought a carburetor kit for $12 and that took care of the problem. The bottom of the fuel cup was really dirty even though I winterize it every year. Thanks for your help.

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