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I have two lawnmowers and can't get either one started. One cranks for less than 5 seconds, then shuts off. The other simply doesn't crank, but it fires. I've changed the spark plugs, oiled & gases both with the same results.

Can anyone give me any insight into the problem?

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What type of machine? How old? Engine size? Make of engine and equipment?

Have spark at the plug all the time. Have fuel getting to the carb? Will either run by putting fuel in the cylinder and then die?

Need more answers to answer the questions .
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Also you need to specify terminology. If you pull the
rope or turn the key, and the engine spins, that is
"cranking". If it cranks and will actually fire, hit,
cough, and run for a second or two, then stop, then your
ignition and compression systems are probably ok and you
need to concentrate on the fuel area{carb}. But you
really need to post the engine's model numbers so we
know what you have.
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My Two Cents Worth


Hello: Quark

Welcome to the DoIt-Yourself Web Site...

You haven't posted sufficient information on the equipment for me or any of the others posting help and advice within this forum to work with.

Kindly post make, model and year. Also some of the problems your encountering with the equipment and which parts your most likely going to need. Doing so would greatly improve the chances for us in this forum offering you advice your seeking.

In order to add more detail to this topic, click the reply button and it will allow you to add more detail. When a reply comes back but you still have a question on this same orginal question, use the reply button once again.

I would like to suggest that you read the postings within the archives of this forum. By doing so, your most likely to find the answer to your engine or equipments problem. Someone else is likely to have already asked the same question and has gotten one or more replies with the exact answers your requesting.

Your consideration in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Regards and Thanks,
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Lightbulb LawnMower

Wow, U guys R really thorough. I'll get that information like specs and a better diagnosis of the problem in my next reply.

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