smoking b&s 4hp engine


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4 hp b&s engine smokes a lot. engine hasn't been used for quite a while, but has fresh gas, oil and plug looks good.
can i use a fuel system treatment, or do i need an engine job?
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what color is the smoke? black or white?
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Black smoke: Running too rich. Carburetor troubles generally.

White/blue smoke: Burning oil. Overfilled crankcase, too thin of grade/wrong oil, internal engine failure.

With either color, the engine will usually run terribly as well.

My guess is black smoke "hasn't run in a while" and some varnish and junk is in the carburetor and it probably needs a servicing.

Need to elaborate more on the problem at hand.
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My 6.5 hp B&S was smoking also, and I noticed a small amount of oil leaking out from the valve case. This only caused the smoking after the engine had been running for a while. I replaced the gaskets and the leak (and the smoke) stopped.

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