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I have the Stihl bg 60 electronic leaf blower
It started today for about 20 sec then stopped and I could
not get it going again, I tried adjusting the three screws on the side and I think I did more harm. Can anyone help me
find out what the three screws should be set at?
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Fuel Starvation and or Ignition System Problem

Hello: chess23389

You mentioned the engine just stopped. Could be a fuel restriction inside the fuel tank, fuel line or carb. Check the fuel flow by removing the fuel hose from the carb and verify that fuel is coming out of the hose from the fuel tank.

If the fuel flows out, allow it to do so for several minutes with the fuel tanks cap on and verfiy that fuel continues to flow continuously and at the same flow volumn. If it doesn't, the fuel tanks vent cap may be plugged or restricted.

Another possibility is a defective spark plug. replace the existing one with a new one. If the ignition system is operating and the plug was the orginal problem, the engine should startup with the basic engine carb settings below.

As far as the 3 screws is concerned. The one with the letter "L" is the low speed {idle} screw. Turn it in only lightly seated, then back it out about 3/4 to 1 turn.

The screw with the letter "H" is the high speed screw. Do the same as above except turn it out 1 and 1/2 to 2 turns out. Both these settings are basic startup settings and will need "fine tuning" once the engine starts running.

The third screw should be attached or holding a cable. This one should be the throttle cable securing and or idle speed adjustment screw.

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