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I just acquired a Honda HR214 gas mower that does not seem to make power. I can reach down and manually open the throttle and get the mower to come up to more than a fast idle. I do not see any adjustment at the mechanical linkage where the cable connects and moves a control arm that in turn pushes on another linkage that moves the throttle. How is the throttle adjusted, and what should the high RPM be?
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Hello: Daniel

The throttle cable linkage should not be directly attached to the throttle plate. It should be attached to the governor linkage rod and the other rod from the governor should be attached to the throttle plate.

With this setup, the solid cable from the throttle is holding the governor arm/lever and the spring, on the other linkage rod from the governor, is able to allow the throttle to float freely.

The movement of air rushing into the carb then wants to open the throttle while the pull of the governor wants to close the throttle. This action and counteraction then balances out to regulate the engine speed.

The above info is just incase the linkages are set incorrectly. You should also verify that the linkage with the spring is attached to the governor rod, spring side on the governor lever.

Maximum engine RPM for ANY single cyclinder engine is 3600 RPM's with or without engine load. Overspeeding an engine will distroy it within a short time period.

Besure the engine is not binding up on some moving part, the engine stop brake isn't dragging, the engine isn't getting too much or too little fuel, the carb adjustments are set correctly, etc.

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Follow the cable from your throttle lever down to
where it reaches the carb, loosen the nut that is
holding the clamp that holds the cable. Slide it
a little then reclamp it and see what happens. It
may take a few tries, but I would try adjusting
it first.
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Dan, here is some usful specs

Dan thought i would pass along some spec's for your 214 for you

Spark Plug gap: should be .028-.031ths for all model's
Honda recomends Oil weight of 10W30- or 10W40. Even though they may say 10w40 i say you should be fine with 10w30 or straight 30 wt oil.
Max Rpm for lawnmower is 3100 RPM's

Hope that helps some and enjoy your honda
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Oh Dan on adjusting the throttle cabel on honda's Leave the one at the engine alone, or if it has been moved make sure that the Metal round tip at the end is under the Clamp. If not throttle cabel damage can result . Their is a Adjusting thumb wheel on the handel bars for adjusting freeplay on throttle Cabel, Thought id pass that along New Cabels run about 15.00 or more for honda's


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