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craftsman blower - chamber fills with gas HELP?

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11-14-01, 11:43 AM   #1  
craftsman blower - chamber fills with gas HELP?

yes I admit im an idiot.

I have a craftsman 32cc gas blower, and it was not starting so I took out the carb to clean it. I reassembled it, and let it sit over night...when i went to start it...and checked the plug.it was full of gas..right up to the top (im not sure what you call that chamber the plug screws into, but thats what was filled iwth gas)

Obviously i did something wrong when i put the carb back in, but what, does anyone know?

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11-14-01, 02:48 PM   #2  
Your needle is leaking. When you went into the carb what
did you do or replace? A new needle comes with a full carb kit
All you need is the numbers and model off of the carb.

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11-14-01, 02:51 PM   #3  
all i did was take off the gaskets..i did not take out the needle.i dont think...is it possible to buy just a new carb somewhere

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11-14-01, 04:37 PM   #4  
Hello Mike

First off...your not an idiot.
Your only having a difficult time with a diaphram carb.
Not to worry either, I have seen many a professional small engine mechanic experience the same difficults even after installing a carb it...haha

Granted, the professionals should not be laughed at nor am I laughing at you...but I must admit your opening line and posting is humorous....sorry.

What I do sense is frustration maybe?
Not to worry. You will have to replace the carb parts with a new carb rebuild kit. Doing so should avoid some problems. Instructions are included with the replacement parts which should help some.

Keep in mind that diaphram carbs often are difficult to rebuild, install and adjust. It is the nature of the beast. Small 2 cycle engines need very precise measurements of fuel and that only makes the task of rebuilding a carb more difficult.

However, once the carb is correctly rebuilt, installed and adjusted, the engine should run well and the current problem will vanish.

By the way:
Fisher is correct. Excellent diagnoses Fisher...
EXCEPT...it's not YOUR needle that is leaking,
It's the CARBS needle that is leaking....hahaha....

Regards and Good Luck,
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Small Engine Diagnostic Service and Repair Technician.
Personal Quote:
"If it ain't already broke, don't fix or tinker with it until it is broken!"
Bare in mind my company no longer services nor repairs small engine powered equipment. The information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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11-15-01, 03:46 AM   #5  
Post your Craftsman model numbers and I will see if I can
find out the make and model of the carb. Replacing a
needle and blowing the dirt out of a carb is fairly simple, as
long as you dont lose that tiny spring. Since you have had
the carb apart once, then you will be able to do this chore.
I will also check the price of a new carb, but they range from $40
- $70 bucks, so rebuilding is the thing to try. There is a possibility
there is just a speck of dirt under the tip of your old needle and
just needs removed and cleaned. Let us know.

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11-20-01, 03:23 PM   #6  

First make sure you have a tech pub or get a book on small engine repair from the library. Small engines can be big problems and produce bigger frustrations. Replacing carb may not even cure your problem. You need to basically first understand the basics of what needs to happen in order for those powerful 32 cc's come to life. Ignition, compression, clean atomized fuel and air. All events in right timed sequence. It's a beautiful thing when it all comes together and she a runner. Anyway, good luck and hang in there. In the meanwhile break out the rake (LOL).

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