Help:very difficult start, surges when starting

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Help:very difficult start, surges when starting

Hi, I have a single cylinder 300cc golf cart motor. I got this motor for free and didnt know its history or problem. I have spark, compression, and I believe gas through the carb. The head was rebuilt to repair another problem.

The Problem: Very difficult start. Can be coaxed with starting fluid and choke combination. It strongly surges when trying to fire, backfires out of carb. When running it runs, maybe a little underpowered. Stalls when throttle released and is difficult to start again. Help!!!
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Several Possibilities

Hello and Welcome CMorris to the Do-It-Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum.

First, let me say I thank you for providing some detailed info. Very helpful to those of us whom post replies in this forum topic.

Based upon what you discribed as the engines symptoms, it sounds like the engines timing is or may be slightly off timing. Depends upon what the prior owner did to the engine in the way of repairs, etc.

Could also be inproper valve clearance. Improper air to fuel mixture in or with the carb settings.

Of course it can also be the fact that there isn't any flywheel type load on the engine. By that I mean something like a clutch etc. Most small engines need some type of part to act as a flywheel effect, IE as a lawn mower uses the blade for a flywheel.

You didn't mention if the engine was still attached to the orginal equipment or just an engine only. The problem could be a lack of a flywheel effect. If it's only any engine not attached to the equipment, this could be the only problem.

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