Lawnboy no longer starts


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Post Lawnboy no longer starts

Six months ago I obtained a used Lawnboy pullstart lawnmower, probably around ten years old. Although it doesn't appear to have been terribly well maintained, it always started easily.

Two months ago the recoil mechanism stopped working. I took the mower apart and re-greased it, which fixed it. However, the mower no longer starts.

The pull feels fairly normal, from which I conclude that compression is adequate. There is spark. The plug doesn't really feel wet with gas after a start pull, which suggests a fuel problem. However, I've taken apart the carburetor, and can't find any obvious problems. The bowl is full of gas, and there is no fuel filter that I can find that could be plugged.

The air filter is just plain old -- the foam is rigid and crumbles a little when you press on it. During much of my work, I simply removed it.

When I removed the engine cover, the wire to the power switch broke. So during most of my work, I've been shorting ignition through a jumper wire.

When I say it doesn't start, there isn't a single fire -- just the sound of the piston running through the compression cycle.

The model number is 8237. I believe it is a Lawnboy F-series engine. It is, of course, a two-cycle. The gas mixture is about six months old.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Does your mower have a primer bulb? Have you tried putting a
trickle of fuel in the carb throat and seeing what happens?
Let us know.
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It does have a priming bulb. When you press it, you can see gas shooting upward into the throat. I had been priming it, but it wouldn't start.

Still, on your suggestion, I used an eyedropper to inject gas into the throat -- directly into the intake manifold. One pull, and it started right up (after so many failed starts, and expecting another, it scared the *&## out of me too).

Since then, priming is enough to start it. Don't know if there was something significant about shooting gas into the manifold or what. I know I was priming before.

In any case, thanks for your help.
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You could just have a layer of water in the bottom of your carb
bowl, and it gave you fits until you could burn it through.
After the next time you run it out of gas, turn it upside down
and let any remaining water dribble out and dry.

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