John Deere Lawn Tractor


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John Deere Lawn Tractor

1999 Gt 235 18hp v-twin Briggs. Starts ok but runs really rich
black smoke and raw gas fumes out the exhaust. Changed
air filter, new plugs, fuel filter same thing. Carb has no air/fuel
ajustment screw. What could the problem be?
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Check your oil level and smell it. Fuel may have filled your
crankcase, making the oil level rise so the engine burns it
off. If not, then if your fuel tank is below the carb, you have a
fuel pump and the carb inlet needle is leaking, which is most
likely the case in either scenario, which would require a carb
disassembly to fix it. Post your engines model numbers and
I can see haw involved this might be.
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Thats in the 402/405 series range, And has the nonadjustable Carb, Might want to Check float hiegth, Float might be Wore on the pin and need's readjusted so it shuts off the fuel, with Carb off of intake , And float bowel off turn the carb upside down and looking at the float , with hinge pin to the right or left of you, Looking at float it should be level with carb body, If its angled down, Thats the rich running problem, or if its Angled up it most likley would be lean mixture surging and hunting, Either angle is not good lol. Should be Level. Also make sure the float is not got gas in it if so it needs . Replaced a gas filled float will sink . Hope this Helps

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before you go to the trouble of disassembling your carb., make sure the choke isn't sticking shut, or mis-adjusted.

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