Old Craftsman snowblower


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Old Craftsman snowblower

I inherited an old craftsman snowblower, model no. 536.918000. It has a Tecumseh engine, but I can't find the model number.

I am having difficulty getting it started. I get an arc to the spark plug, but it won't start, either using the electric start or pull cord. I imagine that as it hasn't been used in 5+ years that things may be a bit gummed up. I am not much of an engine expert and am looking for an engine manual so I don't rip the entire thing apart without being able to put it back together.

I contacted sears - they no longer make the manual. Does anyone know where I can find this manual? Please email or PM if you have this info. Thanks!

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You need the manual for the engine, which would be a Tecumseh manual. Most auto repair shops have small engine repair manuals that cover Tecumsehs. You will need the engine model # which should be stamped on the side of the engine shroud. It will probably be a craftsman number, which can be cross-referenced in the manual to a Tecumseh #. What I would do is drain the gas, remove the carburetor, disassemble it...It's not hard or complicated...not many pieces. Clean it thoroughly making sure all passages are open. Replace the float, needle, and needle seat, and reassemble. After 5 yrs not running, its bound to be gummed up like you said. Keep us posted on your progress!
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Hello and Welcome John to my Small Engine forum.

Cheese has you on the correct path to fixing the engine problem you described. Also check the fuel flow from the fuel tank.

Remove the fuel hose from the carb and allow several minutes for the fuel to flow, out into a metal container and in a safe place away from any and all sources of ignition.

If fuel flows out, at full volume for several minutes, the fuel tank, fuel line, fuel filter {if equipped} are fine. If not, clear out any restrictions. Due this step with the fuel cap ON the tank and with a full tank.

If fuel flow slows down or stops, remove the fuel tanks cap. If fuel resumes flowing, the air vent in the cap is clogged, restricted or plugged up. Replace the cap.

Check the archives, within this forum, for other postings and replies on this topic and the manufactures online web site for additional information.
Potential sources for manuals and or parts:

BILLIOU'S 1-209-784-4102

L.S.THORPE CO. INC. 1-617-776-2445

I do not have any affiliations nor vested interests in either of these retail parts suppliers. Provided solely to assist with locating parts.

Small engine parts can also be found at your local small engine and lawn mower repair shops listed in the phone book.

Regards and Good Luck, Small Engine Forum Moderator
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Small Engine Diagnostic Service and Repair Technician.
Personal Quote:
"If it ain't already broke, don't fix or tinker with it until it is broken!"

Bare in mind my company no longer services nor repairs small engine powered equipment. The information provided is accurate to the best of my memory and knowledge....except for an Ocassional "Senior Moment."
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Oops...I said most auto repair shops will have the manuals, but I meant most auto parts stores will have them. (discount auto parts, autozone, etc...)
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Looking up your blower, the engine model number should be
143.694012 which crosses to a Tecumseh H35-45528L.
Your carb is most likely a little gummed up, and maybe the
float hinge stuck. Just remove the nut/jet from the bottom
of the carb, fuel should dribble out, so have a can ready. Look at
the sides of the jet you have removed, there are small holes
in the side of it that should be open, there also may be a tiny
one the the base of the threads that can be cleaned with a
small wire. The nut/jet may have a thumbscrew in it depending
on the age of the engine, that is a high speed adj. screw.
Reinstall and see if that helps. If no fuel dribbles out, you need
to pull the bowl down and work the float up and down., but mark
the position of the bowl, so you put it back on the same
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You can also plug in the model # at Sears website to get an exploded view.

www.sears.com and then "parts". Enter the model number of the unit and it will reply back with a parts breakdown and diagram.

It will tell you what parts are still available.

In such case though, Sears is just reboxing someone else's stuff .

You hit a goldmine by inheriting that old blower. You don't get that chance often.

A little TLC and this thing will run like a champ. Nothing like a Tecumseh engine .
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Before you start unloading all them bucks, you might ought to pull the head and take a look at the cylinder walls. These small gas engines can fry a cylinder in a heart beat and then there aint much left to do but scrap her. Even if you getting a good spark, or what you think is a good spark, pulling the flywheel and checking the contact points, adjusting same or replace is worth the effort. Also, while you are at one with your Tecumseh, check the valves,...seats, etc. Good luck.
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Thanks for all the advice. I got it running and it works great. Got 5 inches of snow the other day and it took me about 1/10 of the time to clean my driveway

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