Tecumseh parts re-visited


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Tecumseh parts re-visited

I'm having the hardest time crossing old Tecumseh #'s over to new #'s. Tom I have the list you posted earlier and thanks for that but the engines I have are listed with old #'s. Example: The one thing I have found out is SBV-436A(old#) is a TVS90(new#). If I could come up with a list of crossover #'s I would drive at least 2 states over to paint something for you...LOL. Also, the spec #'s on mine are like 710476B and when I use Toms list to identify nothing matches. Tecumseh must have changed these #'s when they changed the others. Sure is causing me lot of pain here. I have seen the master Tecumseh parts manual at Ebay and some are pre-# change but am unsure given the unavailability of info whether I need it or not. You can't buy parts online with the old #'s (which boggles my mind) so there must be somewhere in this world a common man(nondealer) can find out this info. Thanks for reading....Mike
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I have a 1986 version of the Tecumseh dealers parts manual.
I do not find the numbers you posted but I do have the parts pics and part numbers for the TVS90 handy.

The numbers run from 43000 and 4300A thru 43341D
I did not find a 710476B. Which either means your engine predates my dealers version or the numbers you provided are not correct. Kindly specify the engines exact numbers and the names of the parts wanted. I can look them up for you.

I hope that comment regarding you supplying the incorrect numbers has not already distroyed my chances of ever getting any painting done ever...LOL!

Not to worry my friend, as moderator and etc. of the forum, all traces of the comment can and will be erased if needed and required. My wife really wants the house painted you see....LOL!

Anyway, if you would like a copy of my version of this list or any other copies contained within the service manual, send me a PM and I can mail them to you.

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Have you tried to contact Tecumseh/Lauson Power Products to see what they say? How about a local dealer. They can find it in a jiffy.

I have some old Tecumseh microfiche at work that probably identifies it somewhere . Some of them are quite old into the 70's and 80's.

My house is sided, so painting is not necessary. Lol. I might be able to use a motor or three for some small engine projects. Lol.

Sorry Tom .

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