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Question Surging engine

As I am new to the forum I did not bring engine info along this time but thought I would ask a general question first.

I have an 8hp techumseh on a snow blower that surges against the govenor while idling fast or slow but seems to run fairly smooth when working against the load of snow. When idling it also seems to exhibit a lean condition,(popping) regardless of any adjustments I make to the main needle. Could this be as simple as my needing to put a carb kit in this machine or is there possibly more going on here, govenor adjustment ?
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Hello Jasonm,

I'm not sure what you mean by 'surging against the governor'. However, I suggest you check all of the governor linkages to make sure that: 1) they are there, and 2) that they are free moving and not clogged up with dirt and derbis. It sounds to me like one might be sticking. The engine numbers would let us know what type of carburetor you have. As far as the adjustments you made already, is there only one screw located on the carburetor? And is that the 'main screw' you described? Because you should have noticed some kind of change in engine preformance if you changed its(the mixture screw) setting.

Good Luck.
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Remove the nut /jet from the bottom of the carb, it may or may
not have a mixture screw in it. Either way, take it out and clean
the holes in the side of it, and look closely at the bottom of the
threads, it may have a tiny hole there that you can clear with
a piece of wire. Keep in mind that the time you have this jet out
fuel should be dribbling out. The high speed mixture screw is the
one on the bottom jet[it may not have one], and the low speed
mixture screw is on the side just above the bowl. This is the
first thing to look at, and since it will only run on choke, it is
a good bet this is where your problem is. Let us know.
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Thank you

Thanks for the replies. I think I am going to start by getting a carb rebuild kit and making sure that is all good first. I noticed that when I pulled both needles that they had some corrosion on them. I imagine taking the carb apart and cleaning everything and putting in a kit will help eliminate this as a problem. I will let you know.

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