String Trimmer Manual


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String Trimmer Manual


Could someone direct me to a place where I could purchase a service manual that covers several different models of string trimmers ?? Barnes & Noble perhaps ?? Does Chiltons publish one ??

Thanks in advance...............Steve
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Hello and Welcome Steve to our Do-It-Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum.

Both book stores and online web sites have generic manuals. You can also find manuals at your local small engine repair service centers and in some auto parts stores.

Potential sources for manuals and or parts:

BILLIOU'S 1-209-784-4102

L.S.THORPE CO. INC. 1-617-776-2445

I do not have any affiliations nor vested interests in either of these retail parts suppliers. Provided solely to assist with locating parts.

Other professionals replying within this forum may be able to offer you alternate locations to obtain the manuals. Check back here often.

Regards and Good Luck, Small Engine Forum Moderator
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Thanks Tom

I'll give the local Barnes & Noble a try tomorrow. I picked up a Chiltons Small Engine manual there a few years ago so maybe my luck will hold.

I retire next week and want to re-open my home based shop again. After the 8" snow, I'm already getting calls. Ha!

Thanks again and I really enjoy reading this forum.

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In the automotive realm you have folks like Chilton, Motor, Mitchell and the like who provide manuals that cover multiple makes, models and designs.

They try to cover all bases. Some are very good, some are quite generic.

The best is always of course the manufacturer's service manual, but since you are trying to get all the bases covered here, you want something that covers multiple makes.

I have a Chilton small engine service manual and it appears to be quite good but a little outdated. I got it on Amazon with a free coupon .

"Fish" of this forum will reply chime in as well.

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