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Question Snowblower

I cannot keep my snowblower running when I start to cut the choke back. It starts to back fire and then stall (unless I bring it back up to full choke. Not knowing much about small engines, what might be causing this to happen.

It is a 10hp motor.

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I will assume it is a Tecumseh with a bowl type carb. Take a
wrench and remove the nut/jet out of the bottom of the
carb and note what dribbles out.
If you see dirt or water, you should drop the bowl down
and clean it out and maybe the fuel tank as well. Clean the
nut/jet thoroughly, looking for tiny holes in the side of it
and reinstall. Look real careful at the bottom of the threads
for a real small hole. If you drop the bowl down, mark its
position so it will go back in the same place. Try this and see
what happens.
If your engine is not a Tecumseh, or the carb setup is different
post your engine's model numbers.
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Thanks Fisher. It is a Tecumseh motor. I will try your recommendations tomorrow as it is 9:00pm EST. I'll let you know how I make out.

Thanks again.
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Fish, so far so good. The only problem I am having is I can cut the choke right back until the last notch and then the motor starts to backfire and sputter. I am sure this is only an adjustment problem.

Can you help with any suggestions?

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You may have to disassemble and clean the entire carburetor. Are you sure you cleaned the tiny holes in the bolt you removed? there are probably 3 holes...two are noticeable, and oppose each other, the third is above the other two, and is very very tiny, and not always visible when stopped up. Check again to be sure. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
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If it has the thumbscrew on the nut on the bottom of the
carb, turn it counter clockwise a little. That is the high speed
mixture[if it has one]. The is another screw on the side
that is the low speed mixture, you can try turning that one
left a little. If neither does any good, you need to take the
jet and bowl off again andtry it again, and look for more debris
and /or water. And look for that tiny hole I described in the jet at the base of the threads, it may have clogged again. Use a wire
from a bread twist tie, it seems to be the correct diameter.

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