second hand lawnmower


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second hand lawnmower

I am having some trouble with a lawnmower that was given to me by a neighbor. It is a Murry lawnmower and I thought that the problem was just going to be the fule primer that had a hole on it. Now after replacing the prime valve it continues to shut down, but if I keep my finger on the valve it continues to run till the moment that I take my finger off. What, if anything, can I do to fix this problem??
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For any specifics, post your engine's model numbers. But in
general, disassembly and cleaning of the carb would likely
cure the problem.
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More information on mower

Thanks for the reply, this is the information on the mower engine. It is a Tecumseh model # LEV80 Family YTPXS. 12718A and on the actual mower it has Murry 35 or 3.5. I think I will get started on breaking the carburator down.
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Just start by removing the nut/jet from the bottom of the
carb and cleaning it good. Look for tiny holes in the side of it and
make sure they are clear. Look for a real small one at the base
of the threads, reinstall and see what happens.

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