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Question honda power washer

i have a 5.0 honda power washer i went to use it yesterday i had forgot to drain the gas from the tank and carb. for the winter. well it started but would only run on half choke or full, when you closed the choke it would cut right off. well i drained the gas out of the tank and removed the carb. soaked it for about 8 hours. in carb. cleaner , now it will not even start , the carb. has a drain screw so i opened it and no gas is coming out so i assume none is getting to the carb. what can i look for to be the problem. when i soaked the carb. i removed the float and just set the whole carb. in a container to soak,
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Hello: ripperdog3

Chances are whatever gunk that was in the carb has now plugged up all the fuel passages and ports. The carb should have been completely disassembled prior to "Dipping" or 'Boiling" it in carb cleaner. {"Dipping", "Boiling" and or "Hot Tanking" are terms used for cleaning carbs}

If there is fuel flowing out of the tank and through the fuel hose, the entire carb will have to be disassembled, recleaned, all ports and fuel passages cleaned and cleared of any sludge, restrictions and or debris, etc.

Once this is completed, with light air pressure from a compressor blow the passage clear and dryout the parts. Reassemble per instructions, reinstall and retest.

Other small engine service and repair professionals, may have experience with the engine brand or equipment used, alternate suggestions, advice, opinions, test and repair procedures and methods.

Some may have a better understanding of the circumstances and or conditions, based upon the nature of the request contained within your question.

Check back several times for additional replies.

Regards and Good Luck, Small Engine Forum Moderator
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I agree with Tom, but if you find that there is no fuel supply from the tank to the carb, disassemble the fuel shutoff valve, located just right of the carb. To do this, just use a 10mm wrench to unscrew the bowl from the valve. Make sure the screen inside is clean. This is assuming you have the popular GX series engine. (red engine, cylinder slants to top-left, says GX### on the front cover). Let us know how it goes!
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i checked again today what i did was take the fuel line off going into the carb to see if any gas was getting to that point and it was not . the fuel tank line goes into a piece of white plastic that is round what is that piece i have no idea but no fuel comes out of the outlet to go to the carb.
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Hello: ripperdog3

Cheese makes an excellent point that I totally forgot about. Exactlly why more then one moderators reply is needed....

Check for fuel flow to the carb. If there isn't any, determine why. Most likely the fuel shutoff is plugged up and or both the filter and fuel shut are are restricted or plugged up.

Whatever your referring to as a round plastic part inline with the fuel line, may be an inline fuel filter either as an orginal part or an added filter.

Check inside the fuel tank also. Clear out all fuel flow restrictions regardless of where they are or what the fuel passes through. Once fuel begins to flow freely, connect the hose back up to the carb and retest.

Good Luck,
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