Tecumseh Engine Timing


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Tecumseh h60 6hp timing

Need to check timing. Can some one tell me how. Flywheel off; can find top dead center of piston. Any backoffs, or do I just set points .20.

Thanks, Tom
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At TDC, just set 'em at .020 (.50mm). What I usually do is replace the armature with a new one that is electronically controlled. No points needed, no constant gap setting, contact cleaning, and it's much more accurate and reliable. A new one should be inexpensive, and I've had luck with used ones too. They don't fail very often. Let us know how it goes!
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Have to check the timing anyway. Condenser came loose- rattled about. Had to loosen the bracket that holds the points and coil. Bracket has some adjustment play. I would think I need to verify timing to set the bracket.

Can you help.
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I think I was on the wrong track last post. I am thinking of newer engines. Checking the timing is a little tricky on this, and according to the manual, it requires head removal to set the timing dimension. Does this engine have an externally mounted coil, or an armature/coil assembly? I have no pictures of it in this old book, only specs.
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The coil is under the flywheel and is an armatur/coil set up. The coil is part of the points setup. There is about a l/4 inch adjustment in the plate. Because of this adjustment I can't just find top dead center and gap the points .20. Depending on the adjustment the gap can change. Also, I would think if the adjustment is too great, the flywheel magnets would hit the coil pickup. I think??? the space between the magnet and the coil picku[ should be .0l0; the correct timimg should set that??

If you have a book on tecumesh motors can you scan the section on timing and send it to me.

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Hello and Welcome Tom to our Small Engine forum.

Most Tecumseh engines require an advanced timing, which must be set using a TDC dial depth gauge. Some gauges allow the pistons TDC to be verified with the engine head on. It's done thru the spark plug hole.

The specifications I do not remember exactly. The service manual should state the exact position, in degress or distance, prior to TDC.

Which means you'll either have to have the gauge, borrow one, buy one, etc. or guess. Guessing does not always work well...

If the above is not an option, the electronic ignition module cheese mentioned is an excellent choice. Inexpensive, easy to install and rarely fails........quick and dirty?....haha....

Other resident small engine service and repair professionals, may have alternate suggestions, advice, opinions, test and repair procedures and methods.

Check back several times for additional replies.

Regards and Good Luck, Small Engine Forum Moderator
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Ok, if you have the armature type coil, buy an electronic module and install it with your existing coil. Shouldn't be more than 15 bucks. That is the best way to go. Bar none. If you must use the points and all that obsolete stuff, I will list the timing adjustment procedures, but it is involved and requires a special tool, like Tom said. Do you want this procedure?
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I would try to set the coil back to its original setting by looking at
the outline of the washers that is imprinted from years of sitting
at that place and set it there. I have never came across one
that didn't have the sillouette plainly remaining on the bracket,
letting you know its original factory setting.
Then set the points as normal.
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Send me the timing procedure. Already tried replacing points in "original" position using washer imprint (not real clear).

As far as the top dead center gauge, I think my motor has some type of a covering over the piston just below the spark plug hole. Anyone familiar with that??

Thanks Tom
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I'm not familiar with the cover you're describing, but it may be for the purpose we are discussing. Here's the procedure:

1. Remove cyl. head bolts and move head with gasket in place so that plug hole is centered over the piston.

2. using a dial indicator with depth gague, turn engine back and forth until piston is at TDC. Tighten the thumbscrew on the tool.

3. Back off the position of the piston until it is about halfway down the bore. Lower the depth indicator the required amount as specified by the timing dimension for your engine. lock indicator and rotate the engine forward until the piston lightly touches the indicator.

4. Install timing light or place a thin piece of cellophane between the points. Loosen and rotate stator until the timing light shows a change in current flow, or the cellophane pulls out of point gap easily. tighten stator down.

5. Reassemble engine.

According to my book, this is the procedure...and the timing dimension for your engine (H60) is .050 Hope this helps you, let us know how it goes!

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