83 virago


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83 virago

My 1983 Virago 500 will run very smooth and then sometimes it will only run on one cylinder. I've had it at a bike shop on numerous times and they seem to be more interested in my wallet than getting the bike to work right. It seems like an electrical problem and someone thought it might be the ignition box which is a 500.00 item but can't tell for sure.
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Thinking about your problem, you might consider testing the coil wires, box and spark plug.

As I mentioned in the automotive forum, a repair manual for the bike should be secured before getting into it. I know on most bikes, they give some basic diagnostic procedures on ignition items...

It could also have carburetor trouble as well. The needles, seats and jets may be varnished or hanging up.
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Joe gives you some good advice. We need a little more detail to help though. When does the prob. occur? What has been done to it already?
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83 virago

The coils have been checked and the the carbs have been cleaned and that triangle gadget on the right side of the engine that mixes the the air and fuel (I think) has been replaced. Now when does it happen? Any time, usually when I want to start at a stop sign. Sometimes just going down the road it will loose power and maybe back fire a few times and kick right in and go as if nothing was wrong.
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On the possible coil trouble.....

.....remember, coils have been known to fail only when hot. This can be a very large pain to pin down. Of course if it misses right after starting it could still be a failing coil just not related to heat. Shutting the engine down while in the middle of a good miss and running an ohm meter on it will tell the tale. It does sound electrical and what you really need is a good honest mechanic (as if you didn't know)......Mike

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