hard to pull start rope


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Lightbulb hard to pull start rope

i have an 8 hp craftsman chipper and the pull rope is impossible to pull.i checked oil and it is fine.this machine sat 3-5 years.i was told to take off head and tap valves using a piece of wood and hammer to loosen valve. does this sound right? i wanted to ask before i did it.thanx for any help
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Would be real surprised a sticking valve would cause this, I would think if the valve was stick, just the opposite would happen. Could the chipper area itself be jammed?
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Remove the plug then try to pull the rope and see
what happens. Post your engine's model numbers
so we know what you have.
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pull the plug

i pulled the plug and same thing bbbbuuuuuuttttttt i took off the top and rope was messed up,also when i took off the cutters there was a bunch of leaves but not enough to cause the prob. the mag and flywheel are rusty and dirty and i turned the flywheel by hand and the cutters and they are hard to turn. i think a good cleaning is in order but i can't believe it is this hard to turn. the engine is a 8 horse briggs horizontal shaft model #190412 ----type 6143-01 ------code92091510. any help is appreciated. buy the way thanx to the two guys or gals responding
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If the unit is belt driven, which is probable, remove
the belt to isolate the problem to the engine. If it
still is hard to turn the flywheel, then I would
pull the head, as moisture may have collected
in the top end of the engine{or the bottom}.
If the oil is milky grey, then you have moisture
in your oil. If the valves were the problem, they would
stay stuck in the up position and then the flywheel would
turn easily, I would think. I think you may have rust/
corrosion on the rings and cylinder wall, but that is
just a guess. Removing the head would confirm it
either way.

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