Which Chainsaw?


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What chainsaw???

I have never owned a chainsaw and have NO idea what is good and what is junk. I would only be using it once in awhile to cut firewood for camping. Not plannnig on becoming the next Paul Bunyon HA HA.
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Chainsaws pretty much follow the rule: you get what you pay for. My #1 pick for chainsaws is Stihl. They cost a bit more, but they last, and they are usually ready when you are. One of the main problems with the cheap saws is that often times you can't crank them up after they have been sitting up for a while. Then, when you finally get it going, you have a hard time using it without a dozen little things working loose, falling off, needing adjustment, etc... I can put my Stihl on the shelf, with gas in it, for a year and when I'm ready for it, it starts. I can't say that for the poulan and the homelite. The gas should always be drained before storage, but we don't always do everything we should, do we, lol.

If you were just using the saw around the house, I would say get a cheap one if you don't want to pay for a Stihl. If you will need it camping, then I would reccomend something that is reliable. My #2 pick is Husquavarna. Check around on Ebay.com. Sometimes a well-tuned 10 year-old quality saw is much better than anything new you could buy.

If you'll be camping with it, I would suggest a smaller saw, for space and weight considerations. Maybe a 16" at the most. You might want to consider safety features like anti-kickback devices, chain-lock, tip guard, etc..., especially if you are new to using a chainsaw.
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What chainsaw???

I would go with a Husky or Jred. I am a sm eng mech and they are the easiest to repair yourself. Go with a saw that is approx 60-75cc for your best results. Do you cut fire wood for your main source of heat? 4+ cords a year? If not and you just use it to cut the odd bit of fire wood or camping wood go with a 50CC. Usualy the smaller saws have a platic crank case and tend to get air leaks causing them to fail prematurly. Hope this helps. If you have more questions contact me.
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In My Professional Opinion

Hello: toiletjockey

After reading your posting, I gathered that your not intending to take the machine with you camping. Your intention is to cut wood for camping and take the wood to the camp site. You will only be a casual user of the saw. Your intention is to use it around the home front.

Consider an electric saw. Doing so would have several benefits. No oil & gas to mix or store. No stale fuel problems. Less operational noise, etc.

Electric saws can work very well for many cutting tasks and are useful to the casual user. Research the brands and models. An electric chain saw may be worth your evaluation and consideration.

And there you have it..."My Two Cents"...

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Hey...I didn't think of that. I agree completely, if it will be used where electricity is available.
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Thanks! for the suggestions I too thought of an electric saw but sometimes the wood I get is from our recycle center for trees. The city and contractors leave huge pieces that just too big to take with you. I still got my questions answered. Thanks again.
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A horse of a different color

I had a Homelite super II for 18 years. I was out in the woods and got injured and all most died. So I quit cutting wood and said I would never do it again. Last year I found that once again I needed a chain saw.

I did a lot of home work, and finaly chose a Makita with 18" bar and 54 cc Huscavarna (Misspelled) engine. I had not touched a saw for a long time. This is one of the finest pieces of workmanship, I have seen in a long time. With special permission from Makita and Mobil Oil, I am doing a study by using a 100 to1 oil mix. The oil that makita uses at 100 to1 in other parts of the world is not available in America.

So I called both companies and made a deal. If using Mobil synthetic 2 cycle oil ruins the saw, I get a new one from Makita.
1 year and clean as a 4 stroke. This year Makita will release a light weight 4 cycle saw with a Porsche engine.

My near death, was caused by using a hardened wood spliting wedge that broke, instead of mushed and a nickle sized piece of metal went into my wrist and up into an artery.

A self locking torqunet in my glove box stopped enough bleeding to get back 10 miles out of the woods to Hospital.

Makita has some very fine saws at very good prices.


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