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sears 10 inch chainsaw

hey guys me again.i have this saw that will start but when i go to squeeze the trigger it lugs down. i hate these small carbs but is it stale fuel or other suggestions. i put new fuel and cleaned the carb but it still lugs. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP IN THE PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE.
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Hello: Cleanoutguy

The most likely problem is the carb adjustments. Based upon the problem description and all else being operational, the LOW speed fuel adjustment is too LEAN.

When the LOW speed adjustment is too LEAN, the engine will idle but it will also bog down when attempting to accelerate.

To correct the condition, once the engine is warmed up & running on idle, increase the low speed fuel setting until the engine just begins to run fuel rich. Then turn the LOW {L} fuel screw in slightly.

When the engine will accelerate from idle to high speed without bogging down. adjust the HIGH {H} speed fuel screw until the engine runs fuel rich. Then slightly turn in that screw to just prior to an overly rich fuel mixture.

One must keep in mind that these 2 cycle small engines DO NOT have governors. The engines top speed is controlled entirely by the fuel mixture. Too LEAN and the engine will overspeed and destroy itself in short order.

Running slightly fuel enrichened will control the top speed, ensure proper cooling, since the incoming fuel oil mix also helps to cool the internal cylinder temps and provide proper air cooling and cutting speeds, etc. Fuel settings are critical and necessary adjustments that must be properly and accurately set.

The other resident small engine service and repair professionals and moderators, may offer alternate advice & opinions. Check back several times for additional replies.

If you need or would like further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any and all additional information, etc. By doing so, the additional information you add will remain within this posting {Thread} and allow the professionals in this forum to follow the topic and reply with additional helpful advice and suggestions.

Using the above method also moves the topic back up to the top of the list automatically.

Regards and Good Luck, Small Engine Forum Moderator
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A good place to start for adjustments is 1 1/2 turns out on the low speed an 1 turn out on the high speed. Gently seat the adjusment screws and then back them out to the correct # of turns. If that does not work check that your fuel filter is not plugged or that your fuel line is not cracked. If you still have problems you may have an air leak into the crankcase. Hope this helps.

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