blade disengager gets stuck?


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blade disengager gets stuck?

the handle on my mower tha engages and dis engages the blade seems to get stuck sometimes. ive took the linkages apart and adjusted them till i got it to where i could work them by hand but when i hooked them back up to the lever on mower it stuck again.
any ideas???
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What kind of mower is it? My bet is it's made by AYP...who makes Craftsman equipment. That is a common problem on the 38" and 42" riding mowers by AYP. On the deck, there are two arms with brake pads that contact the blade pulleys. At the end opposite of the brake pads, there will be a bolt with a roller on it. Make sure the roller spins freely, and spray penetrating oil on it. The parts that move on the deck when you engage the blades should all be liberally sprayed. One piece in particular...the flat steel plate that turns when you engage the blades. It has a bolt with a large washer holding it on. Spray all around that part. This info applies to AYP mowers, which by your description of problem, is what I think you have.

AYP also makes other name brands, and many store-brands.

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ok thanks and it is a western auto with a briggs and statton motor 42 in cut

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