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Unhappy I think I broke MY Father-in-Laws Pressure washer. Help!!!

OK. My Father-in-law lent me his brand new Craftsman Pressure wahser. Sorry I dont know the model number or anything. All I know is that its gas powered and has a pull crank like a lawn mower. Sorry for not knowing more about it. anyway... He showed me how to operate it... Turn the gas on, turn the choke to choke position then slide the lever from stop to run.. ok.
I got it stated and used it to clean the side of my house for about a half an hour.. I stoped it a few times and each time I started it I noticed that i didnt have to use the choke...anyway.. so the last time that I tried to start it I didnt turn the choke lever all the way over... but I also didnt turn to run lever from stop to run. When I pulled the crank it didnt want to turn. I realized what I had done and pushed the run lever to the run position and tried it again and still the same thing.. I couldnt get it to crank at all.
What could I have done? I mean this thing is brand new outta the box and I think I broke it. I hate to have to pay 600 bucks for another one. If anyone could please give me some possible causes I would appreciate it. If you really need it Iwill try and get the model numbers and stuff tomorrow... Thanks. J
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Hello: Jason

Not sure I fully understand what you mean by quote "I couldnt get it to crank at all."

You mean your not able to pull the rope starter? If so, the starter could be jammed and or defective. Repairs to this item will be covered under the warranty.

If you can pull the rope starter and the engine cranks but wouldn't start, the engine may just have been flooded.

If either or neither of the above is correct or applies, use the REPLY button to add additional information.

Regards and Good Luck, Small Engine Forum Moderator
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If it's hard to pull the rope, It could be jammed like Tom said, or also I have noticed on some pressure washers that it is hard to crank them with the water hose turned "on". Try turning the water off, then crank the engine. Don't run it long without the water on though, or pump damage will result.
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The proper way to start a pw is with the water connected and turned ON. Just hold the wand trigger on, which releases the pump pressure for an easy start.
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You are right, but on some of these new style washers that have the engine mounted 2 feet off the ground, it's hard to hold the wand in one hand and start with the other. You wind up standing on one foot, with the other foot keeping the washer from falling over when you pull on it. A great show for the neighbors, lol!

I just install a shutoff valve at the connection to the pump, so that I can quickly reach down and turn on the water once the engine starts.
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Hi Cheese,
Aaaaaah, I guess those taller units would present a balancing act in starting!
I might even give the valve a try myself on my 11hp Honda Mi-T-M.
I suppos a good brass valve with actual lever would do the trick.
I'll double check my manual first.

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