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Question Honda Generator EV300 (S Manual anyone?)

Hello folks!

Does anyone know whether I can source a copy of the above Honda Generator EV300 Service Manual. I know it's very very old but the genny still provides good service and I would like to ensure she's maintained to a manor she should deserve!!!

It's not economical to take it to a honda Service Agent. They just shake their heads and say Buy a new one mate!!!

The generator still works but I do need to strip it down to give it a really good service if I can find a manual.

Thanks it anticipation.

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Hello and Welcome Levrie to our Do-It-Yourself Web Site and our Small Engine forum.

Not sure if the information I can provide is exactly relevant on your side of the pond. However, a generic generator repair service manual will provide lots of insight.

Generic generator repair manuals have specific sections by brand name and some have sections by specific models. The back sections of these generic books often list book retailers that market specific brand and model service and repair manuals.

Check the local book stores, auto parts stores and the large world wide chain book stores online. Libraries should have books on the subject.

The other resident small engine service and repair professionals and moderators, may offer alternate or additional suggestions, advice & opinions. Check back several times for additional replies.

Regards and Good Luck, Small Engine Forum Moderator
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Thanks for such a prompt reply Tom!

Well, I've done all that you suggested and have been told that only a Honda Dealer would have the service manual/details due to age of machine. The Honda people although friendly, wo'nt let me see the info as they want to service the item despite them also saying it's passed it's product life.

I agree that I should not tinker with the engine, but I'm searching for an 'insurance' when it eventually roles over!

As you can see, I'm in a catch 22 as far as documentaion is concerned.

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In such case, buying the Honda service manual might be the way to go.

I look at it this way:

I've been through undergraduate and graduate school. I have bought countless books for the courses I took. Why? Because you need the book to do the work and you need to be prepared to learn.

By the end of the semester most of those books were obsolete and not relevant for the next course. You sold 'em back for 10 bucks to the bookstore or hopefully traded a buddy for a book you could use for the next course you were taking.

However, a service manual is good for the life of the machine and always pertains. It is a good investment.

Try to find a used copy of the book or a new one if you can. Either way is fine. Go for the book
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Thanks Joe!

That's exactly what I want to do! But sourcing the manual appears to be my problem. It's simply not available here (UK) or (France). I'm more than happy to buy one if it's available.

Any suggestions?


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Have you contacted Honda directly to find out?

The links for the US service manuals (at least for cars) are in my signature file. Perhaps they can help/direct you.

Try Ebay, and the various literature vendors on the web. Someone is bound to have it.

If I can locate a company with the microfiche for my 1968 Magic Chef wall oven and range, I'm sure the manual will be a bit easier .
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Thanks again Joe!

That's precisely my problem! Honda UK/
France say they no longer support this old product.

I agree, there must be somewhere I could locate the service manual but where. Not here in the UK/France. The wise men of the internet seem to be my only chance!!!


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Hello: David

I understand your question and the problem throughly. The specific Honda service manual is no longer available. I may not have clearly stated that in my reply. Excuse me for that.

We know the machine is older and the orginal service manual is no longer available. My point is that Honda does not have a lock or a hold on the maintenance procedures for generators. Only on their brand and the model you have.

Any generic generator service manual that covers generators of any brand will provide insights on how to perform basic and generic maintenance, is the point.

Another problem you may encounter now or sometime soon, do solely to the age of the generator, is obtaining parts, even if you had the specific repair manual.

Therefore, in my opinion, any generic generator service manual you can obtain is better than none.

If you ever need a part and can remove that part, take it to the dealers to obtain a replacement, if the part is still available. You do not have to have part numbers to buy the part. The dealer already has that info.

Repair procedurers can be difficult but not if you take the time to do the task carefully.

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Hi David...You might have some luck at one of these sites. All claim to have generator manuals, most claim to have honda generator manuals, but I don't know if they can get old reprints...worth a try though!





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Check yahoo search

I typed in "Honda generator service manual" in the yahoo search and came up with 1470 sites. Good luck!

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