engine still will not start


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Question Engine will not start

I have a rally lawn moer with a tecumseh Engine with a 3.5 hp

it will run if i put gas down the carburetor but then it will stop

gas gets from tank to carb but will not go in to motor took carb

apart clean it good but it still will not start only if put gas down

the carb but then it will stop HELP?
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Restricted Fuel Ports

Hello: chewy

Enough though you cleaned the carb, if all the other conditions you described are correct, the carb still has restricted fuel ports and or internal passages.

Another possibility is no fuel is getting into the fuel bowl. The float, needle and seat may still be restricted, not functioning or set incorrectly.

If the engine runs on a prime and dies, the engine has a fuel problem somewhere. Find it, correct it and the problem will be solved.

Read the ARCHIVES, within this forum, for other postings and replies on this topic.

The other resident small engine service and repair professionals and moderators, may offer alternate or additional suggestions, advice & opinions. Check back several times for additional replies.

Regards and Good Luck, Small Engine Forum Moderator
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This engine is bad about clogged jets in the bowl nut. Remove the bowl nut, and there should be 2 tiny holes in the un-threaded section of the nut. Push a piece of wire through them and make sure they are cleaned out. This will probably solve the problem. Let us know!
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Hi guys thanks for the help but wire in all the holes ports and

jets ? needle an seat and float are fine also this has going nuts
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Unhappy engine still will not start

Hi guys thanks for help. But i did put wire in all the holes jets

ports and needle and seat and float are fine. This has me

stumped ?

thanks chewy

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Is the bowl filling with gas? Either the bowl is not filling due to a stuck needle or float, or line restriction...or...There is a stopped up jet or port in the carb somewhere. Inside the tube that the bowl nut screws into there is a smaller tube. You should be able to run a wire into it and see it come out inside the carb throat. If you have to, take the carb off and start over again...It's a simple carb, and there are only a few places that can cause problems.

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