Two Cycle Mixture


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Two Cycle Mixture

What is the mixture parts 2 cycle oil to gas for a weed eater, when mixing how much part oil to gas is needed?

Is it 1 to 4?
Is it 1/2 and 1/2?
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sam mcbroom
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two cycle mixture

I have always thought that one pint of oil for six gallons of
gas was right.
me and dad use 10w30 oil in all our 2 cycles. outboards,
weedeaters and chainsaws.
If you are nervous about this, ask the man at home depo'
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Well it depends on what mix ratio your needing
50:1 is 2.5 ounces oil to 1 gal gas
40:1 is 3.3 ounces oil to 1 gallon gas
32:1 is 4.0 ounces oil to 1 gallon gas

their is a few Common most used mixs in todays engines. I would say 1/2 and 1/2 would be way to much lol. 2Qrts gas to 2 Qrts oil whewww you could fog bugs for 15 states if it ever started and ran
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The owner's manual will state the recommended ratio, and some weedeaters have a 1-800 number to call for questions. They can tell you the ratio. If you post your make and model, I may be able to tell you the ratio. Too little will cause engine damage, too much will foul up the muffler, plug, and dirty up the engine. If you want to take a guess at it, I would go no less than 4 oz. oil to 1 gal gas. Use 2 cycle oil, not motor oil. The motor oil is not intended to be used as a combustible and will shorten engine life. The 2 cycle oil burns cleaner too.
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Don't guess. Lol. You may be wrong.

What brand and make of the machine? As Cheese said, a quick call to the company or a visit to their website will net the answer.

That being said, most better companies might have the manual online at their website or send you a free copy if you ask.

I found a Little Wonder Edger and the company simply mailed me the manual after I sent them an e-mail
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Hi: Plumber2000

If all the info your reading and or hearing is too confussing, sounds like a lot of BS, the measuring and other hassles are not worth fussing over, use a 2 cycle synthetic oil. One pre measured pack to a gallon of gas will cover all mixture ratios for the purposes you intend to use it for.

Synthetic oils produce less smoke and less carbon deposits. Read the package information & instructions. I have used synthetic 2 cycle oils exclusively for all my 2 cycle engines and have never had any problems.

I use to include a free pack to the customer with every service when doing this work commerically. Great advertisement for my prior shop. Customers loved it, good business builder. The new owners do not offer this item when servicing 2 cycle equipment.

Most customers used way too much oil in the fuel mixture which caused more problems then benefits. The American theroy "more is better" only works for engine cubic inch displacement....I.E. horespower. Nothing beats cubic inches for raw horsepower.

More oil in the fuel is not better nor a benefit when it comes to oil and fuel mixtures. The correct amount is best. Synthetic oils cover just about all ratios for almost every purpose.

Best Regards,

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