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Craftsman Lawn Mower

Hi Everyone!

I'm about to buy my first lawn mower for my first home. I've found a
Craftsman 6.0 hp push mulcher with a Briggs and Stratton engine for $199.00.
Does anyone have any good or bad experiences to share about Craftsman
mowers. I'm a bit hesitant about the brand as it does not have the same
reputation as Honda, Troy-Bilt, Snapper, and John Deere. Please share your

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I just bought a Craftsman 6 HP Side discharge muching mower yesterday. Paid about $170. It worked great, but I have very little to compare it to as it was my first mower.

As I understand it, the key is the motor, not so much the label. B & S motors seem to get higher praise than the Tecumseh motors so don't worry abou the Craftsman brand too much.

One warning though. When I unpacked the mower I was a little miffed at there not being an owner's manual. soon as I tried to start the mower I found it! Be sure to look under the deck for the manual before starting! Good luck!

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Craftsman equipment is usually pretty good. The mower is actually made by someone else and sears put their name on it. Briggs is overall a good engine company. On the 6hp engine, be sure to keep the oil full and clean, and same for the air you should for all engines, but pay special attn to it on this one. It is a good engine, but it doesn't tolerate neglect as well as others do. Happy mowing!

Oh yeah...Good call by staying away from techumseh engines. You should be satisfied with years of service with your new mower.
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I was very disappointed with the Craftsman I bought last year. It was terribly uneven in mulching, leaving clumps of grass everywhere, and the deck was designed so that grass clippings would get trapped between the deck and the wheels, to the point that the wheels wouldn't turn any more until I dug the clippings out.

I returned the mower.

I think it's much more than the engine that makes the mower. The Cub Cadet I bought this year is an order of magnatude better: mulches evenly, one lever hieght adjustment, easy to start and stop the self-propelled wheels... I'm delighted with it.

Not to say that all Craftsman mowers are bad, or that all Cub Cadet mowers are good. The one I bought last year was at the bottom of the price scale and performed accordingly. The mower I bought this year is pricier, but worth every penny in difference.
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I think you will like and enjoy Craftsman Products. I have purchased Craftsman goods for over 30 years and am very satisified. I have a 42" rider and my son has a 22" self propelled plus many other Craftsman garden items.

Its like buying anything, its what works for you. Good luck and enjoy if you do decide.
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I believe I purchased the same mower. I got the small wheels and it cost me about $173.00. I got it because of the price. I looked at Walmart and Home Depot, but neither had a lower price mower. I will be picking it up in a week. They were out of stock. I hear the B&S are good engines. I would love to have a Honda mower, but I would rather save my money for a Honda car.

If this mower breaks down, then I will kick myself for not getting the Honda.
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The lawnmower has been holding up well. It is used about 1-2 time a month over about half and acre. I got the extended warranty just in case!
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I have a 22" 6hp craftsman self propelled mulching mower. I've used it for 3 summers on a pretty large lawn. I am extremely pleased with it. It mulches better than my Snapper, starts on the first or second pull every time, and parts are readily available either in the Sears store or online. The height adjustments can be pretty precise as well with a large range. All in all it's been a great mower.
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I like Craftsman

I am on my second Craftsman mower. I bought a model similar to what you are looking at and later I upgraded to a self-propelled, mulcher, bagger, etc. etc. I definitely recommend the B&S. (Steer clear of the Eager 1). The higher horsepower 6+ really makes a difference. Craftsman's guarantee/warranty on everything is great and I can also get replacement parts in a quick drive to their repair store (if out of stock it still arrives in the mail in a couple of days). I really like the bagger itself because it narrows down and fits inside the paper recycling bags for a quick empty! Ah, it's the little things...
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I have a Craftsman self propelled bagger, mulcher mower also. I bought mine used (about 2 years old I think) from a neighbor down the street who purchased a rider for his big corner lot. I am not a big fan of Tecumseh engines either but this one seems to hold it's own along with my Snapper two cycle mower. I use the Craftsman for mulching and with the 6 hp engine it does a good job. The Snapper I use for bagging and if I had to choose between the two I'd pick the Snapper. Why ?? Well it may sound silly but with the Craftsman at full speed, I'm chasing it around the yard. With the Snapper at full speed, I can adjust the drive speed lever to a comfortable walking speed while maintaining full engine speed. Silly eh ? Well for this 54 year old guy, I don't want to feel like I'm in a marathon. Ha! I know you were refering to push type mowers but I thought this might help.

Good Luck with your choice................Steve
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Wow, Small Shop, you must do a lot of mowing! You will probably find this funny, but I kind of miss my old, smaller push mower... I do not seem to get as much exercise with the self-propelled. I learned to lean into it and start walking before pulling the handle in to take off. Same effect as getting on a treadmill!


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