white smoke


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white smoke

I started my mower(12.5 Kohler) yesterday and it ran pretty choppy and then smoothed out with a blueish white smoke coming out the exhaust then it died. It would start right up again and run for about 2 minutes and die. Then I noticed oil dripping out the muffler and decided to ask someone before I started it again. Every time I started it the smoke got worse, any ideas on what cause the "oil smoke", I already suspect the piston ring,
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It probably is a blown head gasket. I am not as
familiar with the smaller "Commands", as I am
guessing is what you have, but a blown head gasket
on OHV's will cause this.
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It could be the head gasket, but i have never seen a kohler blow one. Check your oil level. Is it too high? Does it smell like gas? If it smells like gas, you have a leaking carburetor needle due to a bad needle, bad seat, bad float, or trash in carb. The gas leaks into the engine when it is shut off, and accumulates there until it thins the oil so badly that it burns it. Let us know what you find!
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Well the head gasket was blown and after I took care of that the carb started leaking when the engine was off. There is a small electrical unit on the bottom of the carb bowl,I have no idea what this does unless it would be a sending unit for when the bowl is full. And how do you get to the seat for the needle valve? Many thanks
Jim Gelter
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It is a fuel shutoff solenoid, it should screw in like
a nut. There should be a couple of flat spots on
the top of the solenoid for a thin wrench. Once
you remove that the bowl should drop off.

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